We take on buffets for as small as three people to as big as a hundred or more. There is the option of delivery too if that is easier for your business. Our buffets come with freshly made sandwiches, quiches, sausage rolls, cakes, crisps and anything else you may fancy. Each buffet is carefully laid out, as at Arundel Bakery we believe that presentation is key. 


Have you got an up and coming business meeting? Or maybe a first-aid course? Whatever the do, we can help you! Here at Arundel bakery we like to go into detail and bring that element of class to every product we create. We cater for business conferences or meetings amongst many other events, something we take pride in delivering for with our top quality service. 

Special occasions

As well as conferences, we also take on birthdays, christenings and even funerals. We understand that on events like these there is a lot of organising to do, and the last thing anybody wants to do is the catering! That’s where we like to step in. We get a great boost off making happy customers, who go on to recommend our services to others.